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Hello, my name is Todd Lauzon and I'm a Montreal based children's illustrator, designer and comic artist.

I currently work at Seven Academy illustrating e-learning apps for kids -

Available for freelance.

Please don't use my images without permission.


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Tonight’s scribblins.


Here is a short demo with my new Photoshop Gouache Brushes. This set will only be available for a limited time. Buy them here!

Naturally, I have chosen to use an image by Mary Blair for this demonstration. She was the greatest! 


Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta, 1971

(via pulpexplosion)


The Man Without Fear.


Have you ever like worked on like any tv shows?


Hey. Im humbled by your question but no, I’ve never worked on any tv shows. It’s on my bucket list though so thanks for asking! ;)

Gots me an iPad!

1.Sketch in Procreate

2. Vectors in iDraw

3. Finishing touches in Illustrator

Spidey swing.

Made for my art demo at the Montreal InDesign User Group.

You can check out a process video here.

Attack of the 4-eyed Kraken! - Trip and the Herobot promo art

I feel like making a Giclee print of this one. Any Takers?

A is for Aquaman! Dribbled this a while back but never got around to posting it. I keep thinking I should explore this style more and brand myself with it…not sure it’s ideal for a webcomic though (time consumption wise). Hence the constant dilemma I have…Maybe I should call a follower vote!

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